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KID started his musical career in the 3rd grade taking violin lessons and maintained his musical focus into adulthood. Around that time, his uncle “Big Steve” was getting his start as a hip hop promoter in St Louis. KID vividly remembers times when his uncle took him backstage encouraging his business savvy with regards to the industry. As he matured, so did his musical and professional abilities and experience.

By the mid 90s, KID’s uncle had become a well known promoter for Death Row Records, Jive, Loud Records, and Interscope.  KID assisted his uncle through meeting with DJs, attending conference calls, setting up displays in record stores, test marketing new music, and assisting with the street team.

Upon completion of high school, KID prepared for his career in the industry by enrolling in the Audio Production, B.A. program at Webster University where he studied under the tutelage of Bill Porter. While in college, along with long time friend Latrelle Yancey, he gave birth to Hitmakuzz Productions (HMK).

KID has worked with countless artists and produced multiple projects; he received engineering credits for recording artists Jibbs and Huey on their debut albums. Independently, HMK has produced and released several singles and mixtapes including “Funkfoyotrunk”, ” The St. Louston Project”, “The Klassiks”, and “The Koming”. KID describes his style as “a retro mix of the super good hip-hop of the 90s with elements of funk and rock.”

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At HMK, ladies are a priority and FNC (pronounced Fancy) is a flagship female lyricist. With the ability to engage audiences with her beauty and wit, the image she leans on is that of a proud Black woman that has achieved her goals using her strength of spirit, strong work ethic and an uncompromising lyricism.

FNC is not the industry standard female as she works to reach women of struggle in the depths of their soul and commonality, breaking boundaries and convention of traditional female rap artists branded through only their sexuality. FNC brings all listeners a deeper and more thought provoking message.

“I am creating a new image of grace and respect for upcoming female rap artists and hip-hop fans to vibe to. I feel that the industry has backed us (women of color) into a corner, where there is no versatility for female rap artists. Our only option is to rap about our sexual abilities while we show off our asses on stage and TV.”

FNC was debuted on HMK’s “The Koming” mixtape as her rhymes spoke the truth about life for people. “I just want to make music that a grandmother, a mother and a daughter can proudly sing along together.”



The #1 Kintinda is a Houston native who has dreamed of the limelight since childhood. People who know him personally recognize his gift for entertaining and dramatics. He has always had a passion for performance, gaining much of his experience in high school.

In 2003 he met his older brother KID, who was promoting, touring, and producing. KID produced Kintinda’s first song “Walk Through the Rain” which was originally a sentimental poem questioning Black women’s ability to appreciate committed Black men when they had one. Shortly afterwards Kintinda was signed to HMK and has since been a label mainstay.

His witticism, humor, abstract references, and well paced delivery is what makes him a solid rapper. Yet, it is his veteran leadership and prowess as an MC that stands above most. Kintinda rocks every venue and stage with his underdog mentality and ability to connect with the crowd. “Don’t underestimate me, I will win.”

He has been featured on every project since HMK’s expansion to the south, which was marked with the release of the “St. Louston Project”.



Renzo is a Houston native born and raised in the historically black Acres Homes community. Growing up, Renzo used music as a distraction from personal issues within his home and as a deterrent from outside negative influences within his community.

In 1996 he began doing cover songs for local talent shows. He quickly transitioned into writing songs and performing regularly. “I would perform anywhere, and all the time. I didn’t care. You ride the bus with me? You get a performance. You eat lunch with me? One for you too! You in my class? This one on the house. Shut up teacher. Yea, I was doing talent shows and stuff but it wasn’t like I was getting paid. I did it cuz I loved music.” His passion and skills brought together a multitude of young talent that started to style themselves F.U.C. as they released several mixtapes.

To date, Renzo has written over 200 songs and hosted venues showcasing local Houston talent where he helped to provide a stage and musical community for “people to get the advice and some professional guidance me and the F.U.C never got.”

Renzo claims musical influences from Devin the Dude, Busta Rhymes, Cee-Lo Green, Anthony Hamilton and John Legend. Notable singles include “Fo Yoself”, “Bye Lance” “No Hard Feelings” a Houston collaboration with hot underground rapper Roosh Williams and accomplished veteran Killa Kyleon, and the cult hit”Drinkin and Drivin”.

Renzo is the newest addition to the HMK roster and receives a hearty welcoming with a number of features on “Unorthodox”.



Streetz is an artist born and raised on the north side of Houston, Texas.  While attending high school in the historically black Acres Homes community he made beats for his boys.  Though recognized for his beatmaking abilities, Streetz never acquired the respect he felt he could achieve as a rhymer. “People kept giving me this lame excuse that lyricism was in your blood. Shame on me cuz I never pushed the issue back then.”

After high school Streetz entered the oil industry. While making a living for himself he became friends with Kintinda who took him under his wing and started to exercise his flow. “At the time I was listening to a lot of Eminem. He was angry and hungry; so was I. I wanted to prove you could be a genius of hard work”.

Streetz has since mastered his flows and keeps the name Streetz because he speaks on deeper issues that effect both working people and people in the street. He has been featured on “The St. Louston Project”, “Fonkfoyotrunk”, and “Unorthodox”.



Growing up in Southeast Houston, Texas, Gaine Greene was victim to much childhood tragedy, trauma, and hardship.  Much of his youth was spent avoiding violence and attempting to find his way out of lower income living.

As a friend to Streetz and brother to MuzikMakinMike, Gaine Greene joined them in their weekly rap sessions with Kintinda, and soon they were introduced to KID.

Greene’s grungy, and hardcore delivery make him a fan favorite in freestyle and battle circles.  He has an extensive vocabulary, which compliments his unique lyrical gift.  He claims influences from Scarface, Nas, and Jadakiss.

Gaine Greene has been featured on “The St. Louston Project” , “Funkfoyotrunk”, “4 Tha Streets”, “The Technique” and “Unorthodox”.




MuzikMakinMike is a multi-talented artist in the truest sense. Growing up in Houston’s 4th Ward with his siblings, hardship and poverty plagued his family. These economical pressures is what sparked a need for escape. Drawing since childhood and rapping since middle school he feels art is the best way to express perspectives on life.

He joined HMK in the early 2000’s with his brother Gaine Greene and close friend Streetz. His art is the center piece of every HMK project since “The St. Louston Project” to current projects. His lyrical stylings can be found on “The St. Louston Project”, “4 Tha Streets”, “The Technique” and the “Funkfoyotrunk” mixtape.

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  • great job !!!!!!! keep going stronger, and stronger!!!!!!!! don’t stop !!!!! keep GOD in it , more and more!!!!!

  • great job !!!!!!! keep going strong !!!!!!!! don’t stop !!!!! keep GOD in it , more !!!!!

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